Services: Online Data Collection

As Internet penetration has advanced, so have opportunities to use the internet as an information gathering tool. In many instances, internet surveys provide a fast and cost effective method for collecting quality data. Online survey advantages include:

  • Faster project turnaround: Setup and implementation is considerably faster with internet based surveys.
  • Less expensive than telephone or mail surveys: Internet surveys usually represent substantial cost savings over other methodologies.
  • More effective in reaching certain targeted audiences: Some respondents are hard to reach by telephone or regular mail.
  • Email addresses are often more current: Email address information is usually more up-to-date than telephone numbers or residential addresses. This is especially true with legacy corporate databases which often contain incomplete or out-of-date respondent telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Convenience: Allows respondents to complete questionnaires at their convenience as opposed to a telephone interview, which can be intrusive.
  • Excellent for employee surveys: An email message from corporate management asking employees to respond to a survey is an excellent tool which can elicit high response rates.
  • Quality of data: With online surveys there is no interviewer bias. Verbatim comments are captured in the respondent’s own words with no interviewer interpretation.
  • Efficient data processing: Data files are created as online surveys are submitted and data entry error is eliminated. Topline data can be immediately outputted as the survey progresses.
  • Visuals: With online surveys it is possible to include visuals such as logos, photos, packaging, videos, etc.
  • Incentives are often used to increase the response rate.

Online Security

Passwords are used to ensure data security and prevent duplicate responses. ADF uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), one of the best Internet security systems. Online surveys are completed in real time and submitted data is hosted on secure servers for processing and analysis.

Why Use ADF for Online Surveys

ADF Research has conducted scores of online surveys and uses a proven and robust software system that allows for skips, open-ended questions and a variety of question techniques. We are expert at drafting email invitations, email reminders and for making recommendations for frequency of contact and incentives. The online questionnaires we develop are attractive and user-friendly and yield high response rates which often rival or exceed those of more traditional data collection methodologies, at a lower cost.

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